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FCC Alum (Holding on to Lead) Wins in SF School Board Race

There is life after FCC! My friend and former FCC/IB staffer Emily Murase has been campaigning for one of three positions on the San Francisco School Board. (Remember San Francisco? That’s the place that is so hostile to the cellular industry that they will never have a convention there again.)

Emily survived a primary fight to make it to the general election. On election night she was in 4th place and apparently out of the running. But as absentee ballots were counted she is now up to 2nd place and a likely seat on the board. But a lot can happen in absentee counting. Emily writes in her blog:

I now have 64,741 votes, but there are still over 20,000 ballots left to count, so anything can still happen. The Elections Department expects to count the final batch of ballots, provisional ballots, beginning on Monday, so final results may not be known until mid next week. Don't be surprised if I slip back down to 3rd place. I just need to hang on to 3rd to win 1 of the 3 positions on the San Francisco Board of Education in this year's election.

So the Alaska Senate race is not the only one where counting is slow in this computer age!

So congratulations to Emily for her fine showing and best wishes that her standing in the race holds up.

We will update here as more news becomes available.


Final results are in - Emily won!!


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