Recommended books on spectrum policy

An academic economist reviews the political aspects of spectrum policy developments in the US in the past few decades

Two UK pioneers of new style spectrum management discuss it from BOTH technical and economic viewpoints

Good discussion of actual experence in new types of spectrum policy written by journalists not advocates.

If you are not a techie, the ARRL handbook is a good introduction to many techncial issues in radio technology in a simplified but valid presentation. 2018 new edition

Latest NAB Engineering Handbook is a great compilation of all techncial things broadcasting including ATSC3.0/Next Gen DTV

Three UK pioneers of modern spectrum policy discuss these new approaches and their benefits

The history of DTV and how it was stimulated by an attempted Motorola grab for increased private land mobile sharing of TV spectrum

A little dated, but the "ITT Handbook" is a classic of radio technology and a compilation of a lot of useful information. Sadly, it is not being updated anymore. Used copies are a great purchase for your reference

Classic book on the role of communications technologies in promoting freedom. Some of the examples are a little dated, but a true classic.

The new history of iPhone's secret development and how all the key technologies came together under Steve Jobs' leadership.

An technical expert in national and international spectrum policy discusses the technical issues in spectrum policy

Pioneers of Wi-Fi review the decisions that resulted in its development, early 802.11 standards activities, and the growth of Wi-Fi

Interesting history of Iridium and the saving of it when Motorola's business plan failed

A technical review of millimeterwave mobile radio technology for 5G by a key academic pioneer in the field

A contrarian views of 5G and its potential from a UK pioneer in modern spectrum policy

A little dated, published in 2002, but an interesting discussion from a lawyer well versed in international spectrum issues

The author of this was trying to write a history of very early spectrum policy and was surprised to discover that Marconi, his supporters, and his adversaries were the key issues in the early formation era and wrote this book that is BOTH a bio of the pioneer along with the ensuing spectrum policy struggles as he tried to be the "John D. Rockefeller" of radio technology.

New edition of the "bible" of broadcasting technology