Crete, Greece

Services Offered

• For clients with new radio technology seeking market opportunities
- Assessment of spectrum regulatory issues in possible market countries
- Developing regulatory strategies for market access
- Developing spectrum access options that turn "zero sum game" with respect to other users into a "win-win" opportunity
- Interaction with development staff to seek technical solutions that address regulatory issues
- Interaction with regulatory authorities to explore options
- Assist client with preparation of public comments to regulators
- Assist client in ITU representation
Solving your problems!

• Exploring new product and service opportunities that can be created by changes in spectrum regulation
- Assessing opportunities created by new regulatory policies for client's technology base

- Working with development staff to consider feasibility of specific new products or services
- Developing proposals for possible new services and products based on both technology and policy

• Due diligence for M&A

• Patent litigation support for wireless technologies