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TPRC 2011 Spectrum Sessions

This weekend was the 39th annual Research Conference on Communication, Information and Internet Policy, usually called TPRC after its original name - Telecommunications Policy Research Conference. Most speakers were academics but the audience was a good mix of academics, industry, and government. Larry Strickling of NTIA was the dinner speaker the first night. The cosponsors are a broad cross section of the telecom industry including both CTIA and NCTA.

Below are titles and links to all the spectrum related papers. The whole program is here.

Broadband Metrics: Wireless and Society
Moderator: Katie Shilton, University of Maryland

Broadband Adoption: Spectrum Markets
Moderator: Matthew Hussey, The Office of Senator Snowe

Evaluating Broadband Policy 1: Radio Regulations
Moderator: Michael Marcus, Marcus Spectrum Solutions, LLC

Broadband, Business and Jobs: Spectrum Sharing
Moderator: Jon Eisenberg, National Academy of Sciences
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